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Apply foam to shoe

Gently agitate with the motorized brush 

Wipe and enjoy the shine

4 Reasons To Fall In Love...

#1 Safe on all shoes - We know exactly how you feel about preserving your favorite pair, that's why we designed the motorized brush to handle materials ranging from delicate cloth to sun-aged leather

Over 10,000 units sold! - We're the new kids on the block, revolutionizing shoe care with our motorized brush. Join thousands of satisfied customers who are transforming the shoe-cleaning game.

14 day risk free trial - Hesitant we’re just full of it? Don't be duped! Try it for yourself- rest assured that your time and money are well spent with a product that does exactly what it claims.

30-day money back guarantee - What if the product never shows up? You might have a package thief! Rest assured- We prioritize customer satisfaction, and we’ll do everything we can to make it right!

Klean Kickz Hall Of Fame!

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Let this review be the voice that told you to buy it. You won’t regret it.

— Thomas M.


How effective is Klean Kickz at stain removal on different shoe materials?

Klean Kickz utilizes a motorized brush and organic cleaning foam to effectively remove stains from various materials, from delicate fabrics to sun-aged leather, ensuring thorough results without damage. 

The interchangeable brush attachments ensure the right pressure is applied to the material to remove the stain without causing damage. We recommend you always start with the soft brush first. Want more tips and tricks? Get them here!

Is Klean Kickz safe to use on my 20-year-old Air Jordans, yellow-soled sneakers, or delicate mesh shoes?

Yes, our motorized brush is designed to be gentle yet effective, making it safe for cleaning delicate cloth, aged leather shoes, and applying baking soda to our 100% Organic Foam will do the trick for the yellow sole.

What makes Klean Kickz different from other shoe cleaners on the market?

Klean Kickz stands out with its innovative motorized brush and organic cleaning foam, providing a hassle-free cleaning experience that preserves the quality and appearance of your shoes. The motorized brush reaches deep into those cracks and crevices that would have otherwise gone unchecked. The interchangeable brush heads scrub quickly in a circular motion delivering 10x the cleaning power- in a gentle, noninvasive way.

Does Klean Kickz offer a guarantee or trial period?

Yes, we offer a 14-day risk-free trial so you can experience the effectiveness of Klean Kickz without any commitment. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so rest assured knowing that whatever happens, we’ll make it right for you.

 How can I purchase Klean Kickz and what are the shipping options?

You can purchase Klean Kickz directly from our website, and we offer two shipping options to accommodate your needs. Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days, and expedited shipping takes 1-2 business days.